Dr. Tyler Bigenho: Controversial Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit

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Discover the latest viral scandal involving Dr. Tyler Bigenho video, as his controversial video spreads like wildfire on Twitter and Reddit. The video showcases a contentious spinal adjustment technique that has sparked intense criticism and support from online communities. Join the conversation as people debate the ethical implications of Dr. Bigenho’s actions and question the validity of the methods portrayed in the video. Stay updated with the aftereffects this scandal has had on Dr. Bigenho’s professional career. Explore the full story exclusively on

Dr. Tyler Bigenho: Controversial Video Goes Viral on Twitter & Reddit
Dr. Tyler Bigenho: Controversial Video Goes Viral on Twitter & Reddit

The Dr. Tyler Bigenho Video Goes Viral on Twitter

1. The Video Controversy

The controversial video featuring Dr. Tyler Bigenho performing an aggressive spinal adjustment quickly gained traction on Twitter. Users were shocked by the forceful technique showcased in the video, leading to widespread discussions and debates about chiropractic care.

2. Views and Shares

The video quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views and shares within a short period. The shocking nature of the content, combined with its controversial nature, captured the attention of Twitter users, making it a trending topic across various social media platforms.

3. Public Outrage and Criticism

As the video spread, it faced strong backlash and criticism from users who deemed Dr. Bigenho’s technique as endangering the patient’s well-being. The public outcry fueled a wave of conversations about the ethical standards and practices within the chiropractic profession.

4. Influencer and Opinions

Various influencers and s weighed in on the video, sharing their opinions and analysis. Some expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with such forceful spinal adjustments, while others defended Dr. Bigenho, highlighting the importance of informed consent and the effectiveness of certain chiropractic methods.

5. Media Coverage and Controversy Amplification

The controversy surrounding the video caught the attention of mainstream media outlets, further amplifying the discussion. News articles and television segments addressed the controversy, shedding light on the practices of chiropractors and the potential consequences of aggressive spinal adjustments.

Supporters Speak Out on Social Media

Despite the controversy surrounding Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s viral video, there were individuals on social media who came to his defense. They raised arguments in support of his actions, engaging in passionate debates online.

Informed Consent and Patient Choice

One common argument made by supporters was that the patient featured in the video gave informed consent and willingly chose to undergo the spinal adjustment technique. They emphasized that as long as the patient understood the potential risks and benefits, Dr. Bigenho’s actions should be considered acceptable.

Clinical Validity of Spinal Manipulation Techniques

Some supporters asserted that forceful spinal manipulation techniques have been used within chiropractic practice for years, with numerous studies supporting their effectiveness in certain cases. They pointed out that while it may appear aggressive to outsiders, these methods are backed by a body of evidence and have helped many patients relieve pain or restore mobility.

Credibility of Dr. Bigenho’s Track Record

A number of supporters highlighted Dr. Bigenho’s ise and credibility within the chiropractic field as a reason to trust his judgment regarding treatment techniques. They argued that someone with his level of experience would not take unnecessary risks or engage in irresponsible behavior without careful consideration.

4. Professional Repercussions for Dr. Bigenho

Erosion of Trust and Credibility

The viral video incident has severely affected Dr. Bigenho’s professional credibility within the chiropractic community. Many individuals and organizations distrust his methods and question his judgment. The erosion of trust has undermined the reputation he had previously established as an educator in the field.

  • Chiropractic organizations and boards are reviewing the case for potential ethical violations.
  • Potential loss of patients and clients due to skepticism surrounding his techniques.
  • Negative impact on his professional relationships with colleagues and other healthcare providers.

Legal Consequences and Disciplinary Actions

The controversy surrounding Dr. Bigenho’s video has resulted in legal ramifications and disciplinary actions. The chiropractic boards and regulatory bodies are carefully scrutinizing the incident to determine whether any laws or regulations were violated.

  • Investigations into allegations of reckless endangerment and violations of patient consent policies.
  • Possible suspension or revocation of his chiropractic license if found guilty of misconduct.
  • Potential lawsuits from patients who may claim harm or negligence as a result of his techniques.

Damage to Reputation and Online Presence

The viral nature of the video has had a significant impact on Dr. Bigenho’s reputation, both online and offline. The incident has highlighted the negative aspects of his practice and overshadowed any positive contributions he may have made in the past.

  • Negative reviews and comments on his social media accounts and online platforms.
  • Diminished opportunities for collaborations and professional engagements.
  • Difficulty in rebuilding his reputation and gaining back the trust of his audience.


The controversy surrounding Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s viral video on Twitter and Reddit has shed light on the ethical issues and potential dangers associated with certain chiropractic practices. While some defended Dr. Bigenho, arguing for informed consent and the validity of his methods, the video sparked widespread criticism and accusations of reckless endangerment. This scandal not only affected Dr. Bigenho’s professional reputation but also prompted calls for chiropractic boards to reassess ethical standards. It serves as a reminder for healthcare professionals to prioritize patient safety and informed consent, ensuring that their practices align with established guidelines.

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