Laugh Out Loud: The Funniest Movie Clips of All Time

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Laughter is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings. It is a therapeutic and natural response to humor, which makes us feel better in so many ways. We all love to laugh because it’s the one thing that brings us together, regardless of our nationality, language, or social status.

Movies have been a source of laughter for decades, with funny scenes that have become iconic and memorable over the years. From slapstick comedy to witty one-liners, filmmakers have been able to make us chuckle or burst out laughing with their inventive humor. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the funniest movie clips of all time that will surely put a smile on your face.

Blazing Saddles (1974) – Bean Eating Contest

Blazing Saddles is a parody western film directed by Mel Brooks. Among its many comedic moments, the famous Bean Eating Contest stands out as one of the funniest movie clips of all time. The scene showcases the absurdity of competitive eating through a crude and hilarious competition. The contestants are shown gorging on an excessive amount of beans, causing them to produce loud and foul-smelling farts that fill the air. As the scene builds up, it descends into chaos, with everyone struggling to control their flatulence. It is a classic moment that has been parodied and referenced in various other films, and it’s clear to see why. It’s the kind of humor that will make you laugh until your sides hurt.

Airplane! (1980) – “And don’t call me Shirley”

Airplane! is a disaster-comedy film that parodies the commercial airline industry. The film is full of memorable quotes and scenes, including the famous “And don’t call me Shirley” line. The moment happens when stewardess Elaine Dickinson (Julie Hagerty) asks Captain Oveur (Peter Graves) if he wants coffee. When he replies with “No, thank you, I take it black, like my men,” she responds with an incredulous “So, cream, then?” To which, Oveur says, “No, I said ‘like my men,’ not ‘with my men.’ And don’t call me Shirley.” It’s a witty and unexpected punchline that has entered the cultural lexicon as a reference to a moment of pure comedic genius.

Dumb and Dumber (1994) – Toilet Humor

Dumb and Dumber is a cult comedy classic that stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as two dim-witted friends on a road trip adventure. While the whole movie is filled with hilarious moments, one of the most memorable scenes involves an unfortunate bathroom mishap. In the scene, Carrey’s character, Lloyd, discovers that he has let loose his bowels in the toilet of a woman he’s been trying to impress. What follows is a cringe-worthy, yet outrageously funny sequence of events that leaves both Lloyd and the viewer in stitches. The scene is a perfect example of toilet humor done right, and Carrey’s comedic timing and physicality make it unforgettable.

The Hangover (2009) – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

The Hangover is a comedy film that follows a group of friends who embark on a wild and hazy bachelor party in Las Vegas. One of the funniest moments in the film involves a cameo appearance by boxing legend, Mike Tyson. In the scene, the group wakes up to find that they have stolen Tyson’s pet tiger and have little recollection of the previous night. As they try to piece together what happened, Tyson appears, and they realize they are in serious trouble. The hilarity ensues when Tyson’s character decides to take out his anger by punching one of the friends in the face. The scene is simultaneously ridiculous and hilarious, and Tyson’s portrayal of himself is as memorable as it is funny.

Bridesmaids (2011) – Dress Fitting

Bridesmaids is a female-centered comedy that follows a group of friends as they navigate their way through one bridesmaid’s chaotic wedding planning. The film features a hilarious scene that takes place during a dress fitting session, where the bride-to-be, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and her bridesmaids are trying on expensive dresses. The scene quickly unravels, with each character experiencing different wardrobe malfunctions that range from unfortunate to downright hilarious. Kristen Wiig is at her best in this scene, with her physical comedy and reactions perfectly complementing the chaos around her.


Laughter has always been the best medicine, and movies have a unique ability to make us laugh, release our tension, and escape our everyday worries. The above mentioned movies are just a few examples of how humor can be used to create iconic scenes that make us laugh until our sides hurt. These clips have been embedded in our cultural consciousness, inspiring filmmakers to push the boundaries of comedy and entertainment. In the end, we can all agree that laughter is truly the best medicine.

This article is compiled and compiled from multiple sources by KRUSH.

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