How Many Episodes of the Last Thing He Told Me: A Complete Guide

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The Last Thing He Told Me is a novel by Laura Dave, published in May 2021. The book quickly gained popularity and was picked up by Apple TV+ for a limited series adaptation. The show premiered on May 14, 2021, and consisted of eight episodes. In this article, we will provide a complete guide on how many episodes there are in The Last Thing He Told Me, as well as a brief overview of each episode.

Episode 1: “Pilot”

The first episode starts with the introduction of Hannah (played by Lily Rabe), a woman who is married to Owen (played by Patrick Schwarzenegger), and they have a strong relationship. However, Owen leaves Hannah a note saying “Protect her,” and the following day, he disappears. The episode follows Hannah’s journey to find out what happened to Owen, and she meets his ex-wife, Lila (played by Mandy Moore), who tells Hannah that Owen has a secret life.

Episode 2: “This is Where We Begin”

In episode 2, Hannah tries to find more information about Owen’s private life, and she discovers that he had a storage unit at a nearby facility. When she goes there, she finds a box with a lot of his personal belongings, including a journal that contains some cryptic notes. Meanwhile, she learns that Owen’s business partner, Eli (played by Scoot McNairy), has gone missing too.

Episode 3: “The Flight”

Hannah and Lila team up to find more information about Owen’s life, and they try to track down Max (played by Darren Mann), Owen’s former business partner. Max had a plane ticket for the following day, so they decide to follow him to the airport. Meanwhile, they also find out that Owen’s business had some shady deals in the past.

Episode 4: “The Airport”

In this episode, Hannah and Lila follow Max to the airport, and they manage to board the same plane as him. Once they arrive at their destination, they rent a car and start following Max. Meanwhile, Owen’s journal reveals that Owen had an affair in the past, and the woman’s initials are J.H.

Episode 5: “The Letters”

Hannah and Lila discover that Max is staying in a cabin in the woods, and they break into his cabin to look for clues. Meanwhile, Owen’s journal mentions that he wrote some letters to someone named “J.H.,” and Hannah wonders if those letters are proof of infidelity. When they find the letters, they learn that “J.H.” is actually Owen’s daughter, Jackson.

Episode 6: “The Cabin”

In episode 6, Hannah and Lila finally find Max, and they confront him about his involvement in Owen’s disappearance. Max tells them that he was only trying to protect Owen from some dangerous people who were after him. Meanwhile, Hannah learns that Owen had a secret bank account, and she tries to find more information about it.

Episode 7: “The Truth”

Hannah discovers that Owen’s business partner, Eli, is actually alive and staying in Mexico. She decides to go there to find him and get some answers, but she finds out that Eli is in trouble with some drug lords. Meanwhile, Lila stays behind and tries to find more information about Owen’s secret bank account.

Episode 8: “The End”

The final episode of the series reveals the truth behind Owen’s disappearance, his secret life, and the people who were after him. Hannah and Lila team up to save Eli and get him out of Mexico. Meanwhile, Max helps them in Owen’s final plan to protect his daughter and Hannah.

In conclusion, The Last Thing He Told Me is a gripping mystery drama that keeps the audience engaged until the very end. The eight-episode series is well-paced, and it reveals new information and twists with every episode. Each character is well-developed, and the performances by the lead actors are outstanding. The show is a must-watch for fans of mystery and drama genres, and we highly recommend it.

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