Getting to know Millicent Omanga: A rising star in Kenyan politics

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Millicent Omanga is a Kenyan politician, who has recently risen to political limelight after her election as a Senator in 2017. She represents Nairobi County in Senate, having been elected on a Jubilee Party of Kenya ticket, which is the ruling party in Kenya. Her popularity and relevance in the Kenya’s political sphere have been a topic of discussion on various fronts, sparking interests on her background and ambitions.

Early Life and Education

Born in Narok County in 1980, Millicent Omanga has had a humble beginning, growing up in a family of eight children. Her parents were small-scale farmers; therefore, the family lived within meager resources. Despite their economic constraints, Millicent persevered, working hard in her education and community to overcome the limitations.

Millicent attended Lillian Njoki Primary School in Narok South from 1987 to 1994, where she performed exceptionally in her studies. She later joined Narok Girls High School for her secondary education and excelled, earning her a place at Moi University, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism. Millicent was an outstanding student, whose academic prowess earned her a scholarship from the Young Women Christian Association; thus, easing her financial burden.

Career Journey

After completing her degree, Millicent landed a job as a Marketing Manager with Softa Drinks Limited in Nairobi, where she worked for three years. Her passion for community service led her to establish the Omanga Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting vulnerable communities in Kenya in areas such as health, education, and water provision.

Apart from her philanthropic work, Millicent has held several positions of leadership in the Jubilee Party of Kenya. She was the party’s Chairperson for the Nairobi County branch, and also served as the Deputy Director of Elections for the Kenya African National Union. Millicent was also an active member of the Kamukunji Youth Empowerment and Life Skills Association, which seeks to empower young people in Kenya by providing them with skills to improve their livelihoods.

Political Journey

Millicent Omanga’s interest in politics began when she was working as the Jubilee Party Chairperson for Nairobi. She interacted with various politicians and observed their leadership skills, which sparked her interest in joining politics. She, however, had no immediate plans to contest for an elective post, as she believed she needed to prepare herself adequately.

In 2017, Millicent joined the Jubilee Party’s nominations for the position of Senator in Nairobi County but lost. While it was a defeat, she viewed it as a stepping stone and continued to engage with the party leaders and voicing out her concerns. Her resilience paid off a few months later when the Jubilee Party nominated her for the position of Senator, pending a by-election in the county following the nullification of the 2017 general election results. She campaigned vigorously and was elected the Senator on a Jubilee Party ticket, a win that made her stand out as the youngest and the only female Senator representing Nairobi County.

Since her swearing-in, Millicent has been an active member of Senate’s Standing Committee on Education, Information, and Technology, where she has been championing for quality education and digital integration in Kenya’s education sector. Her involvement in the committee and her advocacy work in the Parliament have cemented her position as a rising political star worth watching.

Personal Life

Millicent is a mother to three children, whom she regards as her greatest motivators. Her ability to balance her family life with her philanthropic work and political career is an inspiration to many Kenyan women, who believe that motherhood may limit their aspirations.

Her religious faith has been a great pillar in her life. She is an ardent member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, where she has served in leadership positions, including being a church elder.

Her personality mirrors her approach to life- vibrant, steadfast, and hardworking. She is also an eloquent speaker and is known for her effective communication and lobbying skills.


Millicent Omanga’s rise to political limelight is a clear demonstration of hard work and perseverance despite the odds. She has not only made a name for herself but also for the marginalized groups in the society. Her activism and leadership in philanthropic work has played a significant role in improving the livelihoods of many communities in Kenya. Her ability to balance her family life, philanthropic work, and career is an inspiration to many young women in Kenya.

As she continues to advocate for quality education, youth empowerment, and women’s rights, Millicent Omanga remains a rising star in Kenya’s political sphere. Her future in politics remains bright, and her potential impact in the country’s development is bound to inspire many young leaders.

This article is compiled and compiled from multiple sources by KRUSH.

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