Uncovering the Depth of Snowfall Season 6 Episode 10

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Snowfall is an American crime drama series on FX, centered around the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles during the 1980s. On March 31, 2021, the show aired its tenth episode of Season 6, titled “Uncovering the Depth of Snowfall.” This episode adeptly showcases how the characters are beginning to understand the depth of the consequences of their actions.

The episode begins with the lovable Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) speaking at the funeral of his father, Alton Saint, who he had to order the death of last season for going to the newspaper and revealing the trafficking scheme of the CIA. Initially, his father’s death did not seem to affect him much, but as the episode progresses, we see him grappling with the guilt of killing his own father.

In the previous episode, Franklin discovered that his CIA handler is in the business of flipping black men to work for the CIA. Franklin’s childhood friend, Leon (Isaiah John), was one of the men who fell under her manipulation. After experiencing a severe drug trip, Leon came to the realization that the CIA was using him to conduct illegal operations on their fellow black men. In this episode, Leon decides to take a stand and refused to be manipulated any longer.

Meanwhile, Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), the CIA agent who is also involved in drug trafficking, is valiantly trying to prove to his boss that their drug trade is not yielding any significant profits. He realizes that in order to maintain his high-ranking position with the CIA, he will have to come up with a new plan to reinvigorate their drug trade. This leads him to seek the help of the drug lord, Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta).

Uncovering the depth of Snowfall is about redemption and the characters reflecting on their actions. The characters are now beginning to see the consequences of their choices and they are trying to make efforts to make amends to their past deeds. They are beginning to understand that their actions are not only affecting themselves but also those around them.

The pivotal scene in the episode is when Gustavo and Teddy finally meet up, and Gustavo reveals his plan to start his drug business with the Chinese. Teddy is initially hesitant, as this would mean involving a completely different set of people, which may potentially compromise their original plan.

However, Gustavo manages to convince him by stating that they are merely tapping into a new market, and that together, they can bring in more profits than they initially intended. Gustavo’s proposal shows just how deep the consequences of drug trafficking run. It isn’t just the individuals who initially traded the drugs, who are affected by the trade of the drugs. It’s an intricate network of multiple individuals who, in some way or the other, are affected by the drugs.

Additionally, the episode provides insight into the struggle of those who have fallen victim to drug addiction. The character, Irene Abe (Suzy Nakamura), is a journalist who is investigating the story of the CIA trafficking. Irene wrestles with drug addiction, and in this episode, she is battling to keep her job as her addiction slowly begins to consume her. Her addiction serves as a reminder that drug addiction can happen to anyone from any background, be it a journalist or a drug lord. It shows the ruthless nature of drugs and how they can ravage every aspect of one’s life.

Finally, the episode leaves us with a question: what will happen to Franklin Saint? Having experienced an awakening in this episode, where he grapples with the consequences of his actions, it’s unclear how Franklin will move forward. Will he continue trafficking drugs, or will he try to make amends? It’s unclear, but one thing’s for sure: the consequences of his actions will continue to affect him and those around him.

In conclusion, Uncovering the Depth of Snowfall highlights the intricate network of individuals who are implicit in the trafficking of drugs, the severe consequences of drug addiction, and the psychological impact of one’s actions. This episode is the perfect example of how the show is maturing not only in terms of storytelling but also in terms of showing the real impact of drugs on individuals and society.

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