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Succession Episode 4: A Family Divided, delves deeper into the Roy family dynamics and the challenges they face in keeping their media empire afloat. The episode builds on the realization that the family’s patriarch, Logan, is no longer in full control of the company, and his children are jostling for power.

The episode starts with Logan Roy having conversations with various stakeholders in the company, outlining his vision for the future of the company. Logan appears confident and in control, but his shaking hands betray his doubts about his ability to keep the company afloat.

As the episode progresses, we learn more about the Roy family dynamics, specifically the tension between Kendall, Logan’s oldest son, and Roman, his younger brother. It’s revealed that Kendall is heavily invested in buying a digital media company called Vaulter, which he believes could help take the company to the next level. Roman, on the other hand, is less enthusiastic about the purchase, and makes his skepticism apparent.

The episode also introduces a new character, Sandy Furness, the CEO of the company’s largest shareholder. Furness is a formidable opponent, putting pressure on Logan to step down and allow someone else to take the reins of the company. However, Logan refuses to let go of his grip on the company, and instead proposes a new leadership structure that would involve his children.

The leadership structure is an interesting plot point in the episode, as it prompts each of Logan’s children to consider their place in the company. Kendall suggests that each of his siblings should oversee a particular division of the company, while Roman and Shiv, Logan’s daughter, are more skeptical about the plan. Shiv, in particular, is reluctant to get involved in the company, as she has been building her own career as a political strategist.

Throughout the episode, we see the children struggling with their own insecurities and ambitions. Kendall is trying to prove himself to his father, while Roman is grappling with feelings of inadequacy compared to his siblings. Shiv, too, is trying to find her place in the family business while balancing her own ambitions.

One of the most intriguing parts of the episode is when Roman is tasked with interviewing an employee at Vaulter as part of Kendall’s due diligence. The employee is a young woman who speaks candidly about the company’s culture and her negative experiences working there. Roman is visibly uncomfortable, but ultimately decides not to report what he’s learned to Kendall, fearing that it would disrupt the deal.

The theme of family loyalty is a recurring one throughout the episode. Each of the children is grappling with the question of how loyal they should be to their father, and how loyal they should be to each other. The tension between the siblings comes to a head during a family dinner, where Kendall announces his plan to purchase Vaulter. Shiv is highly critical of Kendall’s plan, while Roman appears to be keeping his thoughts to himself.

The dinner scene is a poignant moment, as it highlights the dysfunction within the family. Despite their wealth and power, the Roy children are unable to communicate effectively with each other, and their personal insecurities make it difficult for them to work together effectively. The scene also shows how Logan’s children are pitted against each other, each vying for their father’s approval and ultimately, control of the company.

Overall, Succession Episode 4: A Family Divided is a strong addition to the series, with excellent performances from the actors and a compelling storyline. The episode explores the complex family dynamics that underlie the Roy family’s media empire, and the challenges they face in keeping the company afloat. As the series progresses, it will be interesting to see how each of the children navigates their place in the company and how the dynamics between them continue to evolve.

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