Unraveling the Mysteries: The Autopsy of Hannah Grace

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Unraveling the Mysteries: The Autopsy of Hannah Grace

The Autopsy of Hannah Grace is an American supernatural thriller film written by Brian Sieve and directed by Diederik Van Rooijen. The movie follows the story of Megan Reed, a young woman who takes a job in a city morgue as a way of escaping her troubled past. However, Megan’s first night on the job quickly turns into a terrifying and mysterious experience when an unidentifiable corpse arrives at the morgue. The body is that of a young woman named Hannah Grace, who died under mysterious circumstances in a failed exorcism. As Megan begins to examine the body, strange and terrifying things begin to happen, leaving her to unravel the supernatural mystery surrounding Hannah’s death.

The film opens with a brief introduction of Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell), a former police officer who suffers from a traumatic past. She’s in recovery from alcoholism and is on probation for her actions related to her addiction. To stay on track and to move past her troubled history, Reed takes up a job at a city morgue, which seems like the perfect opportunity to start afresh. On her first night on the job, however, she is left alone in the morgue with a body that slowly comes to life, as Abby (Stana Katic), another employee, attempts to offer help from the other end of the phone.

As the movie progresses, the audience is pulled into Megan’s world, where she slowly begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding the body of Hannah Grace, played by Kirby Johnson. As Megan begins to examine the corpse, she discovers several strange and abnormal things, including the fact that Hannah’s limbs are bent in impossible angles, her eyes are entirely black, and a mark is etched into her forehead. At first, she dismisses the strange occurrences as mere tricks of her mind, but as more bizarre events happen around her, she finds herself trapped within the confines of the morgue, struggling to survive against an evil presence that seems to be growing stronger with every passing moment.

The Autopsy of Hannah Grace is a visually stunning film that engages its audience with jump scares and an eerie atmosphere. The setting of the movie is claustrophobic, with the majority of the film taking place in a small morgue filled with cold, dark corners, which adds to the tense and sinister tone. The tight camera work, combined with the chilling sound design and haunting score, creeps up on anyone watching.

As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that Hannah’s life wasn’t an easy one. She underwent an attempted exorcism, which left her severely injured and eventually dead. Megan, driven by her innate curiosity, begins to delve into Hannah’s dark history and encounters the priest who performed the failed exorcism, Father Emile (Louis Herthum). Father Emile reveals to Megan that he had performed the exorcism and has been haunted ever since it failed to save Hannah’s life. The priest’s storyline introduces an intriguing layer of religious mysticism to the plot, with Father Emile’s revelations casting doubt on the events that led to Hannah’s eventual death.

The Autopsy of Hannah Grace also touches on the themes of guilt and redemption. Megan’s internal struggles and past behavior are closely examined throughout the film. The characters in the movie are in search of redemption and are running from past guilt. Megan’s struggles with her past, combined with the horrors that take place during her shift, bring out her ability to persevere and fight against the supernatural force.

The cast of the film includes Shay Mitchell as Megan Reed, a performance that showcases her ability to tackle more serious material. Louis Herthum delivers an equally impressive performance as Father Emile. However, it is Kirby Johnson’s portrayal of the unsettling and otherworldly character that impresses the most. Johnson’s performance as Hannah Grace is exceptional, with her body movements and facial expressions effectively capturing the ghostly nature of her character.

In conclusion, The Autopsy of Hannah Grace is a meticulously crafted supernatural horror flick that delivers plenty of scares and thrills. The pace of the movie is perfect, coupled with the stunning cinematography and impressive sound design. The movie has all the ingredients to be a horror classic – from the visual effects to the performances, each element of the film is exceptionally executed. The Autopsy of Hannah Grace leaves the audience with a chilling question: what’s scarier, the dead or the living?

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