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Till the End of the Moon Ep 18: The Final Showdown

The long-awaited climax of the Chinese fantasy drama Till the End of the Moon arrived in the form of its 18th and final episode, which aired on Mango TV on December 12, 2021. After a series of challenges and revelations, the fate of the world, the gods, and the lovers who transcended mortality was at stake in this epic confrontation. Directed by Zhao Xiaoxi and written by Wang Juan, the finale offered a satisfying and emotional conclusion to the story of Princess Tuyao (played by Wan Qian) and Meng Bi (played by Zhang Ruoyun), who had to overcome jealousy, betrayal, and war to fulfill their destiny.

The episode opened with a recap of the previous events, reminding viewers of the complex relationships among the major characters and the stakes of their actions. The Heavenly Monarch (played by Liu Jun), who had been manipulating events to achieve his own agenda, revealed his true form and intentions to Tuyao and Meng Bi. He wanted to destroy the mortal world and create a new one that would end the cycle of reincarnation and free the gods from their duties. He also hoped to cure his own son, who had been cursed by Tuyao’s sister, the Moon Goddess, and who could only be healed by absorbing the energy of a powerful magical creature, the Black Phoenix. To that end, he had encouraged Tuyao and Meng Bi to gather the elemental spirits and unlock the seals that guarded the Phoenix’s lair. However, Tuyao and Meng Bi realized too late that the Monarch was not their ally but their enemy, and that his plan would cause chaos and suffering.

Now, in the Hall of Gods, the Monarch faced Tuyao and Meng Bi, who had the help of their loyal spirit companions and the support of some of the gods who had defected from the Monarch’s side. The Monarch boasted of his power and superiority, claiming that he had transcended the limitations of the divine order and that he could achieve what no one else dared to dream. Tuyao and Meng Bi, however, challenged his hubris and his disregard for the value of life and the bonds of love. They argued that he was not a true ruler but a tyrant, who wanted to impose his will on others and ignore their wishes or happiness. They also reminded him of the consequences of his actions, such as the destruction of innocent lives, the loss of balance in the world, and the eternal separation of lovers who were meant to be together.

The Monarch, furious and desperate, summoned his armies of celestial soldiers and demons, who poured into the Hall of Gods and engaged in a fierce battle with Tuyao, Meng Bi, and their allies. The spectacle was impressive, with stunning visual effects, elaborate costumes, and breathtaking stunts. However, it was also a tragic display of the price of war, as many characters suffered injuries or death, and the once harmonious realm of the gods was shattered by violence. Among the casualties were Tuyao’s brother, the God of Thunder, who sacrificed himself to protect his sister and to repent for his past mistakes; and Meng Bi’s friend, the General of the Mortal World, who had chosen to fight for the gods despite his loyalty to his own realm.

As the battle raged on, Tuyao and Meng Bi faced the Monarch in a final showdown. The Monarch had transformed into a monstrous form, using the power of the Black Phoenix to enhance his own abilities and to absorb the spirits of the fallen warriors. Tuyao and Meng Bi, on the other hand, had combined their own powers and the elements they had gathered to create a new weapon, a flaming sword that represented their unity and their love. The clash between the two sides was epic and emotional, as Tuyao and Meng Bi sought to stop the Monarch from destroying everything they held dear, while the Monarch tried to fulfill his twisted ambition and to save his son from his fate.

In the end, Tuyao and Meng Bi emerged victorious, thanks to their courage, their skill, and their love. With the help of their spirit companions, they destroyed the Black Phoenix and weakened the Monarch enough to break his hold on his son. The Monarch, however, refused to surrender or to accept defeat, and tried to kill Tuyao and Meng Bi with his last energy. Yet, he was stopped by the Moon Goddess, who had regained her powers and who had realized her own role in the events. She revealed that she had not cursed the Monarch’s son out of spite or envy, but out of love for him, as she had foreseen that his destiny was to become a savior of the mortal world. She also revealed that Tuyao was the reincarnation of her own daughter, who had died prematurely, and who had left a legacy of hope and compassion that Tuyao had inherited and embodied.

The Moon Goddess and the Monarch had a final conversation, in which they acknowledged their mistakes and their past as lovers who had been separated by fate and duty. The Moon Goddess forgave the Monarch for his actions and promised to help him redeem himself by supporting his son and guiding him to his destiny. The Monarch, touched by the Moon Goddess’s words and actions, thanked her and apologized for his blindness and his selfishness. He then dissolved into light, as his body and soul were purified and released from his agony and guilt.

The episode closed with a series of emotional scenes, as Tuyao and Meng Bi reunited, confessed their love to each other, and shared a tender and intimate moment. They were then joined by their friends and allies, who celebrated their victory and their new future. The gods and the mortals, now connected by love and respect, looked forward to a better world, where harmony and balance would be preserved and where the bonds of love would endure. The final shot showed the moon rising over the peaceful landscape, as the title of the drama, Till the End of the Moon, resonated with its poignant and hopeful meaning.

Overall, Till the End of the Moon Ep 18: The Final Showdown was a thrilling and satisfying finale to a captivating and ambitious drama that had explored themes of love, destiny, power, and morality in a mythical and imaginative world. The cast, the crew, and the writers had delivered a high-quality and emotionally engaging production that had captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers in China and beyond. Till the End of the Moon will be remembered as a classic of its genre, a masterpiece of storytelling and artistic expression, and an inspiration for future generations of creators and audiences.

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