Breaking Down the Tylee Ryan Autopsy Report: Key Findings and Revelations

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The tragic death of 16-year-old Tylee Ryan and her 7-year-old brother, Joshua Vallow, caught international attention when they disappeared from their hometown of Rexburg, Idaho, in September 2019. It was a case that remained unsolved for months. In June 2020, the children’s remains were discovered buried on the property of their mother’s new husband, Chad Daybell. After months of speculation and investigation, the autopsy report on Tylee Ryan was released in May 2021. The report contains important information that shed light on the events leading up to her death and the conditions of her remains.

The autopsy report revealed that Tylee Ryan’s cause of death was undetermined, likely due to the advanced state of decomposition of her remains, which were found wrapped in a plastic bag and bound with duct tape. However, there were several key findings that provide insight into what may have transpired leading up to her death.

One of the most disturbing findings in the report was that Tylee Ryan’s jawbone was broken. The autopsy report suggests that the broken jaw could have occurred shortly before or after her death, indicating that she may have been subjected to some form of physical trauma. It is unclear what caused Tylee’s jawbone to fracture, but this finding certainly raises questions about the circumstances surrounding her death.

The report also noted that Tylee had been dismembered, with several of her bones cut or sawed apart. This finding suggested that an attempt had been made to conceal her remains, as well as making it more difficult to determine the exact cause of death. However, the report states that there was no evidence of a gunshot or stab wound, which rules out the possibility of a murder investigation. The report also confirms that Tylee was not pregnant at the time of her death, as some rumors suggested.

The report revealed that Tylee Ryan had a condition known as “hyperplastic candidiasis,” which is a fungal infection that affects the mouth and throat. While this condition is not typically life-threatening, it can be a sign of a weakened immune system, indicating that Tylee may have been ill or suffering from some other underlying health condition.

Another key finding in the autopsy report was the presence of an unexplained white residue on Tylee’s body. The report suggests that the residue may have been caused by the application of a chemical substance to her skin. This finding raises questions about whether Tylee was subjected to some form of chemical torture or mistreatment before her death.

The report also provides important information about the state of Tylee Ryan’s mental health leading up to her death. According to the report, Tylee had a history of anxiety and depression, but there was no evidence of significant trauma or abuse in her past. However, the report notes that Tylee’s longtime friend, Melanie Gibb, reported that Tylee had expressed concerns about her mother’s involvement with Chad Daybell and the beliefs of their religious group, which was known for its doomsday predictions and apocalyptic worldview.

Overall, the Tylee Ryan autopsy report provided some important insights into the circumstances surrounding her death, but it still raises more questions than answers. While the cause of death may remain undetermined, it is clear that Tylee suffered some form of physical trauma prior to her death, and her remains were treated in a disturbing and unsettling manner. As the investigation into Tylee and Joshua’s deaths continues, it is likely that more information will come to light, and the world will gain a better understanding of the terrible events that took place in Rexburg, Idaho, in 2019 and 2020.

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