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Humor can be a great stress buster and a mood lifter. This year has been particularly challenging for everyone around the globe. The pandemic and the lockdown have compelled us to stay indoors, isolate ourselves, and think about different ways to make ourselves happy. Thanks to the internet and social media, we have access to a plethora of content, including videos that can help boost our mood and make us laugh.

In this article, we will discuss the funniest, most entertaining, and viral videos of the year. These videos are not only hilarious but also talented in their unique ways. From TikTok dances to funny animal videos, you will find the best collection of viral videos of the year.

1. Hamilton musical meets Sesame Street – Sesame Street’s rendition of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is hilarious and entertaining. The video featured Muppets like Elmo, Oscar, and Grover performing a catchy version of “My Shot” from Hamilton musical. The video is a delightful collaboration of two popular children’s series, and the result is an epic and hilarious video that went viral almost instantly.

2. Twitter user feeds her dog with chopsticks – A viral video of a Twitter user @b1magic who was caught feeding her dog with chopsticks went viral. The internet found the video both adorable and funny. The user can be seen feeding her dog a small piece of meat with chopsticks, and the dog patiently waits for every bite.

3. Sea Shanty Challenge – The sea shanty challenge emerged from a Scottish postman Nathan Evans’ video of him singing traditional songs while delivering mail. The trend soon became a sensation on TikTok, with thousands of people making their versions of sea shanties. The trend spread across the world, and people of all ages and backgrounds joined in. The sea shanty is a unique and funny take on traditional songs that become popular across the globe.

4. Dancing mom and son – A video of a mom and son dancing has gone viral across various social media platforms. The duo is seen dancing to Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” The video spread its joy and positivity through people all around the globe, and many renditions with moms and sons dancing have followed.

5. Cat lawyer Zoom mishap – A hilarious video featuring lawyer Rod Ponton turned into a cat during a Zoom call. The situation led to hilarious confusion for both the attorney and the judge. The cat filter did not work until the end of the case. It became a viral sensation, with people offering congratulations to Ponton for his excellent performance in the case.

6. Gorilla’s attempt to punch a photographer – A video of a gorilla punching a photographer through the glass at the zoo went viral. The gorilla’s unexpected reaction and expressions made the video funny yet scary for the photographer.

7. Dancing coffin meme – An unusual and unique trend, the dancing coffin meme started from a Ghanaian funeral company’s viral advertisement. The advertisement showcased how the funeral company offers “a good sendoff” to the deceased. The video featured dancers carrying a coffin while “Astronomia” played as background music. The video became viral, and the internet transformed it into a meme. People used the video to show “bringing things to another level” or “people who went too far.”

8. Skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice – A TikTok video featuring a man skateboarding down the street while drinking cranberry juice to the Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams” gone viral. The video showcases some smooth and unique moves, regardless of the tunes or skateboarding skills. The trend initiated into a call for endorsements or mentions from several brands.

9. Kid interrupts journalist during live TV interview – A hilarious video of a little boy stealing the limelight during a live TV newscast went viral. During the interview, the little boy runs up to the journalist and interrupts them. The journalist tries to continue, but the boy steals the microphone, and the situation quickly turns into a funny yet heartwarming moment.

10. Do not mess with cats – During a live TV broadcast, a man accidentally stepped on a cat’s tail while walking across the camera’s frame. The cat, enraged by the incident, attacked the man and chased after him. The video is hilarious and became viral, capturing the hearts of many animal lovers.

In conclusion, from a singing sea shanty and a gorilla’s punch to a grooving dad and dancing cats, we have seen some hilarious viral videos this year. Each video has its unique quality that made it a viral sensation, spread across the world via social media platforms. These videos have helped us feel better during a stressful time, lighten the mood and remind us that laughter is still the best medicine. Hopefully, the next year will carry on this trend and bring more of such funny and viral videos that keep us entertained and laughing.

This article is compiled and compiled from multiple sources by KRUSH.

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